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Do you do commissioned maps?

Yes, however because I don't currently draw maps full-time, I am selective about the projects I take on.  Maps that require quick turnarounds are usually not suitable.  Nonetheless, don't hesitate to inquire with your idea as I'd love to hear from you. 

What is the price of a custom map to commission?

That will depend on the parameters of the project.  It will help to have answers to the questions on items below to determine the price:

  • Type of Map - Will the map be a World Map, a Region Map, a City Map?

  • Style of Map - Will the map be Black and White, Parchment, Full Color?

  • Size of Map - What are the required dimensions for the map?

  • Level of Detail - Will places on the map be repeatable icons or unique illustrations?

Including answers to these questions in your inquiry, will help me give you a proper price quote.

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Do you offer customized versions of the maps in your shop?

Not quite yet. However, soon I hope to offer the option to personalize my real-world city maps with icons and places that are individually meaningful to you.  Please check back soon to see when that option will be available.  

What new projects or maps are on the horizon?

I hope to continue to add to my 'Cities as Fantasy World' series.  Follow me on Instagram at Mapograham to find out the latest projects I am working on or sign-up for the newsletter below.  

Alternatively, feel free to email me at

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