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"There is a certain satisfaction that comes for seeing a map that immediately instills a serenity in knowing where you are and sense of adventure, in seeing where you could go..."

Hi there!  I'm Graham Snow, the artist behind the fantasy cartography you will find here.  I hope you enjoy!  


Born in London and raised in Connecticut, I am an architect living in Austin, TX with my girlfriend and two cats. Like architecture, a map's purpose is intrinsically linked to its aesthetic quality. You will find architecture informs the spatial arrangements and designs of my maps.  

I have been fond of maps all my life. Maybe it was the plastic placemat of the 50 states I used to study underneath my cereal bowl growing up, or it could have been thumbing through the road atlas in the back of the car on long trips.  Whatever its origin, I have always been captivated by the graphical information and beauty that maps provide.


All of my maps are digitally hand-drawn from scratch using a Wacom drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Most were done for myself, however I have drawn maps for others and will take on a commission or two, if the right project comes along.  

Feel free to explore the maps, peruse the shop, and reach out if you have any questions or comments. 


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